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Ajax country state city dropdown using php & mysql

Ajax country state city dropdown using php & mysql

This tutorial will explain you how to make Dependent dropdown of country, state, and city, using ajax. You will find them implemented in various sites registration  form.when the user select country then second dropdown will populate with appropriate  states list then city like wise..

Database & Tables:

Country State City tabel

Above are the three table the we use in this tutorials each table have three columns which are dependent to each other.


  • Simple Database Configuration file.


  1. main index file where three dropdown box are available.


  • This file is for get the all the state record from the state tabel and load dynamically.


  • In this file have php code for load correlated city according to state selection.
  •  all the main file are displayed remaining css and java script file include normally we do. It’s not big thing.
  • Depending on the dropdown ajax call the function and query should run and get the data from database and populate in dropdown list.
  • Loding image is indicate loding time of ajax function. When Query  response comes then login image invisible.

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